Ceinture de bras AXIWI OT-014 standard (350)

Avec cette ceinture de bras élastique, le port de l’AXIWI est rendu confortable et sûr. Vos mains restent libres. La ceinture de bras maintient l’AXIWI fermement en place et est réglable. L’AXIWI est bien protégé contre l’humidité et la poussière grâce à la protection en plastique de la poche.


AXIWI OT-014 Arm Belt standard (350)

With this elastic arm belt you wear the AXIWI AT-350 safe and hands free. The arm belt holds the AXIWI firmly in place and is adjustable. The cover ensures that the AXIWI is well protected against moisture and dust. With the plastic cover on the pocket you can still work easily with the AXIWI.


Usage Applications

  • Cycling
  • Industrial usage applications
  • Navigating a boat
  • Winter sports like skiing
  • Horse riding
  • Much more other usage applications

The waist belt is ideal for referees and coaches that are using the AXIWI during sports competetions for training and coaching. Think of sports like: handball, basketball, football, hockey, volleyball, water polo, baseball, rugby, ice hockey, floorball.


Dimensions arm belt

  • The total length of the arm belt is +/- 38 cm.
  • The breadth of the arm belt is 5 cm.
  • The maximum wearable length of the arm belt is +/- 30 centimeter.
  • The minimum wearable lenth of the waist belt is +/- 20 centimeter.

Do you need a smaller arm belt? See the AXIWI OT-012 arm belt large.

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